Melissa, Thank you guys again for all of your assistance. Your loyalty to your customers is by far the best I have encountered in our business. Again, we thank you for your continued support.

  • Parker Hannifin Corporation
  • Oct 11

I appreciate the lovely card and pen you sent. So few people write an actual card these days, so when I receive a written note, I get very excited. It has been a pleasure working with you. The products we have received are fantastic.

  • Sheena Verma
  • Air New Zealand Cargo
  • Sep 25

Thank you Sally! Great job on this one. Sorry for all the madness. :)

  • Tom Spano
  • SteelHouse
  • Sep 22

Sally, You are appreciated as well! Your great prices and excellent customer service make you our go-to vendor. We are grateful to be doing business with you.

  • Kristin Kohler
  • Ernest Packaging
  • Aug 25

Good morning ladies, I just received the cute little candy box you sent. That was so sweet! You’ve always come through for us and we truly appreciate your help and support over the years! Thanks again!

  • Stacy Lopez
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Aug 15

That is excellent news. Thanks again, you guys were lifesavers.

  • Kristin Kohler
  • Ernest Packaging
  • Aug 15

Thank you, Sally, for your wonderful customer service skills during this process. I look forward to seeing the proofs before embroidering/imprinting.

  • Natalie Kast
  • Good Samiritan Hospital
  • Aug 10

Thank you for all, Sally. You've gone above and beyond on this and I appreciate it.

  • Natalie Kast
  • Good Samiritan Hospital
  • Jul 07

Thank you so much for your speedy help...you're the best!!!

  • Tracy Highwart
  • Michael Baker International
  • Jun 07

Melissa,Thank you for working this out with Patti, you are the best. Rc

  • Rick Reid
  • Jun 07

Hi Sally, We received the Lapel pins yesterday. Can I just tell you how amazing they look, and our CEO was so excited. Thank you for producing such quality work. Shannon

  • Shannon D. Nelson, Director of External Affairs
  • Crystal Stairs
  • Jun 06

I so appreciate the level of customer service that has been provided to me sense I have been working with you guys Thank you Sandra!

  • Leondra Williams
  • Crystal Stairs
  • May 30

Thanks again for all of your efforts. The results are... FANTASTIC!

  • Rob
  • Study Hut
  • May 15

Thank you Sally That is AWESOME!! It is always a pleasure working with you. I just informed my boss and she is very very happy! Thank you for all your help and enjoy the rest of your day. Lee

  • Leondra Williams
  • Crystal Stairs
  • May 09

Melissa,  Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. It continues to be a pleasure to work with you. Have a wonderful weekend, Victoria

  • Apr 24

I just received your wonderful card and personalized pen! Thank you so very, very much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. I sincerely appreciate your kind sentiments and especially LOVE the personalized pen. That was extremely considerate and a wonderful surprise to receive in the mail! Many blessings to you for your gentle kindness and your passion for helping in every way possible. It is a great pleasure working with you also and I am very thankful to have you as our Representative! The Harbor Credit Union were very happy to receive their new badges. The badges were very nicely created!

  • Yumiko Norris
  • Southland Credit Union
  • Apr 12

Just wanted to let you know that we received the pens and you did a wonderful job getting me exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks for all your help!


  • Tesha Thomas
  • Mar 31

Good morning Sally,

Thank you once again for your expedient replies and follow up! It is a sincere pleasure working with you. Kindest regards,

Yumiko Norris

  • Yumiko Norris
  • Southland Credit Union
  • Mar 31

Hi Sally, We just received the wine glasses and they are BEAUTIFUL!! We absolutely love them. Thank you for all your hard work. We couldn't be happier. Have a great day, Kristin

  • Kristin Kohler
  • Ernest Packaging
  • Mar 21

Thank you! I received them today and they are fantastic!

  • Annaliesse Morgan
  • Boomers!
  • Nov 17, 2016

Thank you for the Bibs! They look amazing and staff loved them. I would like to request quotes for these three items:

  • Franky Ochoa
  • Crystal Stairs
  • Oct 21, 2016

I just wanted to let you know how much everyone at the conference loved the watering cans! They were a big hit and thank you again for being the best vendor! The new packaging looks wonderful on the watering cans, and I appreciate all that you have done for me. You are the best!

  • Cathy Thrasher
  • FCL Logistics
  • Oct 19, 2016

Shirts arrived this morning and they look fabulous. Thank you!

  • Leslie Cortez
  • City of Torrance
  • Sep 13, 2016

You are so AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you so very much for ALL your assistance regarding this matter; I so appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of your day! Lee

  • Leondra Williams
  • Crystal Stairs
  • Sep 01, 2016

Just received the banner stands last night, and I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you they look AMAZING. Also, your staff was so friendly and helpful. Looking forward to doing business with you again!!

  • Duncan Creative
  • Sep 30, 2016

Sally and Rod I want to say thank you so much for putting the quote together I think we have a great chance of getting the entire 8k-10k order!!! I will keep you posted we hopefully will know something the next day or two...thanks is not enough but a great place to start...thank you so much

  • Andrew Dillard
  • Good Samiritan Hospital
  • Aug 03, 2016

This is my favorite vendor. Sally and Rod are champions in helping with our needs and she and Rod Mitchell, Owner, work with us for the best prices.

  • Renee Ayat
  • Good Samiritan Hospital
  • Aug 03, 2016

Thanks! You are so responsive to me and I appreciate it!

  • Cathy Thrasher
  • FCL Logistics
  • Jul 13, 2016

I would like to say thank you very much for your efficient and great work, we are very happy with the products, and very happy with you help and suggestions on all of that. Everything on time, just perfect.

  • Violeta Guerrero
  • Parex USA
  • Apr 13, 2016

Yay!!! Got it. It's just wonderful, stupendous, exciting!!! I think the staff will like them. Thank you very much, Sally. Always a pleasure to do business with you,

  • Charito Antonio
  • Good Samiritan Hospital
  • Sep 18, 2015

I wanted to thank you for the brochures. They came out perfect and the event was a success. Have a great week and I look forward to working again in the future!

  • Walt Riberio
  • Thunder Studios
  • Aug 11, 2015

We just received the tablecloths and everyone in the department is very happy with the quality of work they provide. Thank you for making this process painless and we look forward to working with you again.

  • Antoinette Salas, RN, BSN
  • Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
  • Jul 09, 2015

I have been using this company for over twenty years for all our promotional needs and could not be happier with their level of service. I would urge you to contact them for your needs. They are also already in possession of the TriMas Aerospace Logo art and can assist in whatever further design work might be necessary

  • Dave Littlejohn
  • Monogram Aerospace Fasteners
  • Jun 10, 2015

Sally and Rod, I wanted to extend my sincerest THANK YOU for an OUTSTANDING job in our last t-shirt order. While I know that Sally was pulling her hair out, she flawlessly executed this important order for us! I always rely on this company to amaze me, against all odds. Again, thank you Sally for your extraordinary efforts. YAY!!!!

  • Scott W. Sommer
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Oct 13, 2014

I just received the patches and they look great. I want to thank you for a wonderful job and also for matching the colors perfectly. Thank you very much, Marco

  • Marco Adame
  • Apr 11, 2011

Renee Ayat from Good Samaritan Hospital Los Angeles on CX&B United Corp. on Vimeo.

  • Renee Ayat
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Los Angeles
  • Apr 05