Collaborative Magic with Angelica Pequeno!

Mar 28

At a networking event a young woman approached me as I was in conversation with some other attendees. She asked me for my card and said she would be in contact.   Sure enough a couple weeks la...

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Focus on Customer Appreciation... Here's Why

Mar 25

All companies want their brands to be top-of-mind, creating a memory that surprises a buyer, makes them feel relevant and connected to your company. In turn, you will draw the customer back to you! Th...

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Custom Fidget Spinners

Nov 10, 2017

  Sure, lots of people have Fidget Spinners, but not the Custom Fidget Spinner! The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. From characters, to shapes, to icons, it will WOW...

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Here's an example of Creative Trade Show Marketing... the Elizabeth Perry Way!

Mar 29

Recently Elizabeth Perry of B2 Insurance contacted me to order pens. From the start of our conversation I knew she was someone I wanted to work with. She didn't just tell me the type of pen she wanted...

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