Why Engage Employees

The competitive landscape of corporate America is becoming increasingly aggressive. Keeping employees engaged can give an organization the edge they need to remain one step ahead of their competition. In today's business world, organizations are shifting their focus to retain and motivate high performing employees because they have a positive effect on the bottom-line.


An engaged workforce leads to higher customer satisfaction levels and increased employee productivity, resulting in higher sales volume. The Gallup statistics below speak for themselves.


Organizations that focus on employee engagement encounter the following results:

  • 18% - More Production
  • 37% - Less Absenteeism
  • 51% - Less Theft
  • 62% - Fewer Safety Issues
  • 51% - Less Turnover
  • 60% - Increase In Quality
  • 16% - More Profit
  • 12% - Increase In Customer Loyalty

Recognition programs engage a workforce; a strong relationship exists between an employees' engagement level and the success of the organization. A recent WorldatWork survey revealed the top ten reasons organizations start a recognition program:

Primary Purpose for Recognition

Percentage Indicated

Create a Positive Environment


Motivate High Performance in Employees


Reinforce a Desired Behavior in Employees


Increase Morale


Support the Corporate Mission or Values


Increase Employee Retention


Encourage Loyalty


Support Changes in Culture




Seventy-four percent of the respondents believe their programs are meeting the desired objective!


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