Why is Mystore Free

Mystore is a turn-key warehousing and fulfillment program for any of the customized marketing products we furnish our clients. The service is comprehensive in that if desired a client can outsource their entire marketing collateral program without additional expense beyond the items themselves. This represents an incredible savings for many of our customers.


When my father started CX&B in 1970, his highest priority was to deliver more value than any other promotional agency. This was his priority almost from the very beginning. As you may imagine, he was not well liked by the industry leaders at the time because he was a disrupting the status quo. He was discounting prices and even offered free storage over 25 years ago. Mystore takes the concept to a whole new level because it adds customized on-line order and approval capability as well as inventory management.

CX&B is in a unique position to be able to offer such a comprehensive service. We own our facility outright; the mortgage was paid off years ago. We have an experienced team of dedicated staff who care about our clients and know the promotional products business in the way that only many years of experience can provide. We’ve always had a culture of “client first” and take pride on being the first to respond to customer needs.


Mystore is free because we want to be your first choice when you need custom printed merchandise! It’s a continuation of delivering more value.


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