The Specialist

  • May 16, 2017

Do you specialize?


If you have expertise in one area of your business consider becoming a Specialist.

When you are a Specialist your clients and prospects only need to remember one message. People are much better at remembering one message than two. The Specialist can also become the known expert. Specialist brands have been known to become the generic name for their category. Examples are FedEx or Xerox.

If you are in a competitive field and you are the first to specialize it can be a good way to differentiate. Being first is a huge advantage. If people try to follow you they just reinforce your idea. The human mind doesn't like to change so if you were there first it's hard to knock you off.

Examples, Harvard was the first college and is still perceived as a leader. Time Magazine still leads over Newsweek. People leads over US. You get the idea...